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About Hydra-Lock

In the early 1940s, a breakthrough in tooling technology was discovered, when a man named George Atherholt observed a metal cylinder’s behavior after uniform pressure was applied using hydraulics. Because the cylinder only altered its shape while the pressure was applied, and returned to its original form once the pressure was released, he determined that this principle would be extremely useful in tool-holding.

In 1949, Atherholt founded A&C Engineering, in Madison Heights, Michigan, to manufacture the tooling used for these hydraulic processes. In the 1950s, Atherholt developed an assembly-type construction for the chucks and arbors needed in hydraulic tool-holding, which utilized interchangeable parts, allowing for easier maintenance and repair. George Atherholt, his company and his innovations were the foundation for what was to become Hydra-Lock Corporation, which is now located in Mt. Clemens, Michigan.

Leading Manufacturer of Hydraulically-Operated Arbors & Chucks

Today, Hydra-Lock is a leading manufacturer of hydraulically operated arbors, chucks, gages and fixtures and is the ONLY manufacturer who produces all three classes of precision work-holding devices that utilize hydraulic operation. We have developed over 80 patents, with Conform-A-Chuck®, Conform-A-Arbor®, and Hydra-FLEX® concepts being the most recent.

Hydra-Lock Corporation will continue to innovate and provide custom holding solutions for companies who have round and/or out-of-round machined parts.