Hydra-Lock is proud to have many milestone solutions in its history of building work-holding confidence:

  • There have been over 55,000 successful applications of Hydra-Lock’s work-holding technology
  • We manufacture gears for space
  • Invented the Hydra-Lock principle: Hydraulically actuated part and tool holding
  • Over 80 patents worldwide
  • Established & going strong since 1947
  • Originators & developers of Hydraulic Chucking
  • ID & OD Chucking of thin walled parts
  • One chucking, thin walled titanium heart valve
  • Precision Gear Holding Arbor for Space Application
  • Work Holding for; Wind-energy Systems, Electromotive Engines, Oil-Drilling, Air and Space Defense Systems, Medical and Dental Devices including Heart Valves & Orthopedic & Dental Implants


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