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Hydra-Lock Can Hold

Satellite Tools

For work on Nuclear Closures or other large parts.

Drilling • Reaming • Tapping • Gaging

If 700-ton parts are too big for your machines – bring the machine to the part!

That’s what Hydra-Lock did with a “Satellite Tool” for a nuclear boiler-maker.

This unique tool conceived, designed and built by Hydra-Lock performs several functions:

  • By expanding into the bore of the stand pipe the whole arbor assembly, over 60″ long, is automatically put on the true center of the bore (RFS), regardless of the feature “bore size.”
  • Hydraulic powered drill heads are positioned to the master plate which has been made to gage tolerances. Holes are then drilled, reamed and tapped.
  • Hydra-Lock thread gages are screwed into the tapped holes and expanded into the pitch diameter. Perpendicularity and true position of the tapped holes are measured by adding suitable gage heads and tramming the master plate.

This special satellite tool eliminated the necessity of bringing the entire 700-ton closure to a super-size boring mill, resulting in great savings of time and money.

Hydra-Lock Rotary Bushings

Precision rotary bushing eliminated tolerance between coordinate plate and boring bar.

This custom designed rotating bushing has two hydraulic systems which rotate about precision bearings on a common center line.

Sytem#1 – is a Hydra-Lock arbor which expands into the coordinate plate thus eliminating the manufacturing tolerance.

System #2 – is a Hydra-Lock chuck which contracts around an 8″ boring bar rigidly supporting it through a 48″ boring cycle.


  • Elimination of all manufacturing tolerances between boring bar and coordinate plate.
  • Rigid support for the boring bar.
  • Customer is able to bore a 12″ diameter, 48″ long hole with high accuracy.
  • Cycle time one-eighth of previous method. In this particular application, the bushing was used with a Satellite Tool.

Parallel Sleeve

Parallel Sleeve is a interchangeable detail for a chuck or arbor that allows you to handle a family of parts and still hold excellent tolerances.


Hydra-FLEX® is a super elastic alloy that has twice the radial movement of a steel sleeve. This product is available in sizes up to 3″ in diameter.

Combination Fixture

The fixture pictured locates the part using a hydraulic arbor then clamps it into place with two hydraulically actuated swing arm clamps.

Yoke Fixtures

The fixture here positions the yoke in proper orientation to allow the critical diameters and face to be machined. The fixture has a parallel sleeve cartridge allowing for quick change over from one size part to another. We fixture both slip yokes and weld yokes.

A complete fixture requires engineering expertise, and we have it.

  • High accuracy, multiple part fixturing
  • Rigid holding for the extremes (>10 CPK)
  • Automated part load
  • Integral hydraulics
  • Radial part pre-orientation
  • Adjustable clamping forces
  • Ability to verify dynamic machine and tooling clearances
  • Quick change sleeve assemblies for various part diameters and lengths
  • Machine-friendly / clean design to avoid chip build up
  • Integral part-detection sensors