Tool Holders

Work Holding Solutions

Custom Tool Holders

Hydra-Lock produces a wide range of standard and adjustable tool holders to mount virtually any type of tool. Along with the following industry standard spindle connections, we design and build a variety of custom flange mount tool holders.

Patented adjustable (T.I.R.) inch & metric sizes

  • 30CAT Tramable (T.I.R.)
  • 40CAT Tramable (T.I.R.)
  • 50CAT Tramable (T.I.R.)

Patented adjustable (T.I.R.) inch & metric sizes

  • 30BT Tramable (T.I.R.)
  • 40BT Tramable (T.I.R.)
  • 50BT Tramable (T.I.R.)

HSK mounting sizes 32-160 are available upon request

Patented Adjustable (T.I.R.) inch & metric sizes

  • 50A Tramable (TIR)
  • 63A Tramable (TIR)
  • 80A Tramable (TIR)
  • 100A Tramable (TIR)

Hydra-Lock’s patented, multi-operational tool chuck is a diamond OD tool chuck with a built-in hydraulic holder for increased performance. The dampening effect of a hydraulic holder helps eliminate vibration and chatter, and allows for a quick tool change of the center tool.

All of our tool holders are precision balanced and maintain a T.I.R. of .0002”. In addition, the diamond cartridges on the outside diameter are easily repaired or replaced.