Precision Arbors & Chucks

Work Holding Solutions

Precision Arbors & Chucks

Hydra-Lock’s three classes of original hydraulic arbors and chucks are designed to hold tools and parts with repeatable precision, from the most simple to the most complex. Since 1947, we’ve built our reputation on our ability to design innovative work-holding solutions, and we lead the industry in reliability and accuracy.

The first type of arbor/chuck designed by Hydra-Lock, this enduring solid steel class offers state-of-the-art advantages:

  • Maximum accuracy: standard tolerance of .0002” T.I.R.
  • Maximum repeatability to .00003”
  • No dirt-collecting slots, minimizing inaccuracies
  • Standard expansion of .005” for 1” arbor (additional .002” per extra inch of diameter)
  • Hydra-FLEX® – the most unique type of solid construction twice the expansion of steel sleeve available in sizes up to 3″

Here is a list of our most popular Class A – Solid Steel Expanding Sleeve Arbors & Chucks:

  • Expanding Stub Arbor (A) – Manual
  • Expanding Arbor – Push to Actuate (A)
  • Expanding Precision Dual System Arbor (A)
  • Expanding High-Speed Balancing Arbor for Short Thin Part (A)
  • Expanding High-Precision Balancing Arbor (A)
  • Expanding Two-Diameter Arbor – Manual (A)
  • Expanding Arbor for Multiple Parts (A)
  • Expanding Spline & Gear-Grinding Arbor (A)
  • Contracting High Precision Chuck (A)
  • High Speed Balancing Chuck (A)

Almost identical to Class A, this type of arbor/chuck utilizes a split steel sleeve instead of solid, allowing it to be more flexible and provide greater expansion for a given pressure.

  • Standard expansion of .010” for 1” arbor (additional .004” per extra inch of diameter)

Here is a list of our most popular Class B – Split Steel Expanding Sleeve Arbors & Chucks:

  • Expanding Two-Diameter Arbor – Push to Actuate (B)
  • Expanding Ball-Screw & Eccentric Arbor (B)
  • Expanding Thread Squareness Gage (B)
  • Expanding Push-to-Release Arbor (B)
  • Expanding Spline Arbor for Jet Engine Part (B)
  • Self-Contained Contracting Chuck with Sleeves (B)
  • Contracting Precision Hole-Through Chuck (A,B or C)
  • Contracting Chuck (B) – Flange Mounted
  • Contracting Precision Chuck (A or B)
  • Contracting Chuck (B) – Spindle Mounted – Balancing

The most unique of our three types of chucks and arbors, our Conform-A products use a special plastic material (Hydra-Fibre®) to primarily hold thin-walled parts and tools. Learn more about our Conform-A product line here.

  • Contracting Precision Hole-Through Chuck (A, B or C)

Hydra-Lock Corporation has recently come out with a patented remarkably high expanding/contraction design for Arbors and Chucks. This design allows averaging the true centerline of rough castings handling parts that are out of round .100 inches or more. For turning, boring, grinding or other machining operations without distorting the part, expansion or contracting can exceed .25 inches or more.