Specialty Work Holding

Work Holding Solutions

Specialty Work Holding

Hydra-Lock is world famous for special work holding solutions, thanks to our long history of innovative hydraulic solutions. We provide unique chucks and arbors that have the ability to hold even the most complex parts. We also manufacture other work-holding products like gages, tool holders and fixtures.

We offer a complete list of work-holding products and services for nearly every configuration, and we are happy to execute custom orders. Send us a part print and we’ll design your work holding solution.

Satellite Tools
Bring the Machine to the Part

sidephoto-satelliteIf you’re in a business that produces parts too big for standard machines (i.e. nuclear closures), bring a machine to the part! Satellite Tools can eliminate the need to bring a 700-ton closure to a super-sized boring mill, which saves your company precious time and money.

Satellite Tools, conceived, designed and built by Hydra-Lock, are unique products that perform several important functions, which include:

  • Automatically setting the whole arbor assembly (over 60” long) on the true center line of the bore (RFS), regardless of the feature “bore size,” by expanding into the bore of the stand pipe
  • Positioning hydraulic-powered drill heads to the master plate (made to gage tolerances), then drilling, reaming and tapping holes.
  • Screwing Hydra-Lock thread gages into the tapped holes and expanding into the pitch diameter
  • Measuring the perpendicularity and true position of the tapped holes by adding suitable gage heads and tramming the master plate