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Custom Work Support

Hydra-Lock work supports, or jacks, are unique among standard work supports. Our jacks can be locked with no movement of the plunger. Light springs, or jets of air pressure, bring the plunger into deflection-free contact with the work piece. With our design, all jacks in the system may be simultaneously locked, providing rigid support in all required areas for machining or grinding operations.

We design and produce jacks for existing or newly-designed fixtures. Hydra-Lock has an extensive set of designs where multiple units can be operated simultaneously, including:

  • Cylindrical jack
  • Doughnut jack
  • Rectangular jack
  • Threaded body jack

All Standard & Custom Work Jacks feature:

  • Single- or multiple-operation portal
  • Series or parallel circuits from a single hydraulic line
  • Replaceable plungers (designed for your part)
  • Protection from coolant and chips
  • Very high support values (depending on hydraulic input)
  • Instantaneous action from a single valve
  • Custom Work Jacks Feature 

All work support designs can be customized to suit your requirements.

Zero Deflection: Unique hydraulic locking action prevents all axial movement